Urban Living OKC at Verbode: Historic Homes

Historic Homes

Oklahoma City’s historic neighborhoods are as beautiful and diverse as the urban dwellers who call them home. Below, we’ve scratched the surface on a few of our favorites. We have a wealth of additional information and market knowledge we would love to share with you in person!

Wileman’s Belle Isle has been a vibrant, desirable neighborhood since its construction during the 50’s and 60’s, with its range of midcentury ranch, chalet, and gingerbread style homes. Close proximity to shopping and dining, plus quiet streets for walking and biking. You will find prices from $200k to nearly $1.0 million.

Hidden away just west of Western Avenue, Historic Brookhaven is full of more charm and character than you can imagine, with an eclectic array of architectural styles and winding, tree-lined streets. Easy walking access to Classen Curve and Whole Foods. Prices often range from $175-800k+.

Nestled between some of OKC’s greatest urban neighborhoods, Central Park provides a perfect, more affordable opportunity to live in a prime location. Access to Edgemere Park, The Paseo District, and Western Avenue, with eclectic craftsman and tudor revival homes which typically range from $150k to $600k or more.

Bikeable to everywhere you want to be Downtown and buoyed by community investments with the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, Classen North Highlands is becoming one of OKC’s great urban neighborhoods. Renovated historic homes and new construction historic and stunning modern-styled homes range from $250k to $1.2mil+.

The amazing success of the Plaza District has quickly translated to the adjacent neighborhood to the south, Classen Ten Penn. It boasts a thriving urban park (McKinley Park), an interesting collection of historic homes, and a location in the urban core at a price still affordable to many, ranging from $50k to $400k+.

Crown Heights is consistently one of the most sought-after places to live in Historic OKC. Beautiful park, bike lanes, and just steps away from the historic Western Avenue District. Styles range from Colonial and Tudor Revivals, to Minimal Traditionalist, and even Art Deco, priced from $300-800k.

Crown Heights is consistently one of the most sought-after places to live in Historic OKC. Beautiful park, bike lanes, and just steps away from the historic Western Avenue District. Styles range from Colonial and Tudor Revivals, to Minimal Traditionalist, and even Art Deco, priced from $300-800k.

Just north of the prestigious Crown Heights Historic District and anchored by the great Douglas Park, the Douglas Place neighborhood provides ideal access to the Western Avenue District, I-44, and I-235. There are few places this attractive in terms of location and affordable pricing, which ranges from $75-500k.

Downtown Oklahoma City has energized the entire Metro OKC area with its thriving business district, thunder hoops, beautiful parks, and a continuous stream of new restaurants, bars, and shops. Condo/townhome/loft properties vary from $200k small studio lofts up to multi-million dollar townhomes.

Beautiful, predominantly sprawling, single-story ranch style homes from the 40’s and 50’s highlight the Edgemere Heights neighborhood. Attractively landscaped and tucked just east of Crown Heights Historic Neighborhood, it stays quietly out of the flow of frequent traffic. Prices typically range between $200k-$750k.

Gatewood Historic District is home to University, Gatewood Addition, and Carey Place, which each have their own distinct flavor. Another attractive feature to this community is the energetic and exploding Plaza District, home to local art studios, restaurants, bars, and boutique shops. Homes range from $100k-$1M+.

One of the up and coming areas for urban buyers looking for affordable options with direct access to the Western Avenue District and the Classen corridor is Helm Farm - Shaw Heights. Charming cottages and bungalows highlight this often forgotten pocket of urban life and can usually be found for $75-200k.

The narrow tract of land between Robinson and Broadway adjacent to prestigious Heritage Hills is home to Heritage Hills East. With walkable and bikeable access to Uptown 23rd, Auto Alley, Midtown and Downtown, you will be hard pressed to find a more convenient location. Properties range from $150k and $400k.

Anchored by Sparrow Park and Godholm Park, Historic Jefferson Park is a treasure of eclectic bungalows. With the exploding Uptown 23rd District to the south and the Paseo Arts District to the east, you will never run out of things to see, do, and eat! Homes here are priced from $80k-$500k.

With the continued growth of the OU Medical Center and the quickly developing Innovation District, the neighborhoods east of Downtown should be on your radar. Oozing with historic character and a clear view of Downtown OKC, the homes in the JFK neighborhood can often be found for between $50-250k.

The draw of the Plaza District is dramatically affecting the surrounding neighborhoods, and Las Vegas and Aurora are no exception. The Las Vegas estate blocks are filled with grand homes and larger lots, while Aurora is an eclectic mix of attractive and more affordable options. Home prices vary from $75k-$500k.

Mayfair Heights is conveniently located between I-44 and NW Expressway just east of the May Ave corridor. You will find a charming myriad of architectural styles with easy access to dining, shopping, work, and play. Homes in Mayfair Heights are often affordably priced from under $100k to the low $200k’s.

With the success of the Classen Curve, Meadowbrook Acres has seen a transformation similar to SoSA. Sleek luxury homes are now the standard in this community, affording its residents many benefits of a walkable, urban lifestyle. From small cottages to stunning modern designs, prices range from $250k-$800k.

East of Historic Lincoln Terrace is the rapidly transitioning Medical Community, with walkable access to the OU Medical Center and a short bike or drive to Downtown. This diverse neighborhood is filled with charming historic homes. Properties may be purchased for $50k-$400k, depending upon the size and level of updates.

Sandwiched between Midtown and Uptown 23rd, Mesta Park’s vibrant, tree-lined streets make it one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the metro area. Prairie School style homes with large, beautiful covered porches are often priced within the $175-$800k range.

Military Park provides buyers with an opportunity for affordability in the very heart of everywhere an urban dweller wants to be. Highlighted by smaller bungalow style homes and a thriving, diverse array of neighbors, you can find your next home here for anywhere from $50-350k.

Edgemere Park Historic District is known for its fabulous park and picture perfect Tudor Revival architecture. The elegantly manicured homes range from stately mansions, charming bungalows, Colonial Revival, Spanish Eclectic, and Art Moderne residences. Prices range from $200k to $1million or more.

Linwood Place is a wonderful collection of large two-story homes on sprawling lots and cute, moderately sized homes. Architectural style varies from Tudor Revival to Craftsman to Colonial Revival to Mediterranean to Spanish Eclectic. Linwood home prices often begin at $150k and go up to $500k or more.

The rediscovered Cleveland Urban Conservation District is lined by beautiful Venice Blvd and anchored by one of the hottest schools in OKCPS (Cleveland Elementary). The home’s styles vary from traditional Colonial Revival, American Prairie, Baja, and more. Cleveland homes will typically be listed for $100-400k.

Shepherd Historic Neighborhood is the place to be if you want the character of some of the more well known historic districts but are on a more moderate budget. Charming tudor revival style homes, Swatek Park, and amazing neighbors. It’s also where the Caplingers & Dyers call home! Properties range from $100-400k.

Venice Neighborhood is full of midcentury charm. Venice Boulevard, which divides the community east and west, is an OKC treasure. You won’t go a night without seeing neighbors walking or jogging down this beautiful tree-lined street. Home prices range from $80-300k.

Crestwood Neighborhood streets are lined with Tudor Revival, Bungalow, and Spanish Eclectic style homes, creating a unique collection of charm and character. Crestwood homes can often be found for $100-300k.

Miller Neighborhood boasts one of the most active homeowners associations in Central OKC. Miller consists mostly of Tudor Revival and Craftsman Bungalow homes that are open to buyers just starting out ($80k) and continue up to some classic, historic estates at $400k+.

A diverse neighborhood filled with historic charm, along with easy access to the arts and entertainment districts, Putnam Heights Historic Preservation District and its surrounding annexes vary from stately turn-of-the-century estates to smaller bungalows. Homes are priced around $100k-$750k and up.

Lincoln Terrace is truly a distinct part of Oklahoma History. In the shadows of the State Capital complex, Lincoln Terrace rivals Heritage Hills in terms of interesting historical architectural style, yet on a smaller scale and budget. You can grab a piece of Oklahoma history for somewhere between $100-800k.

With the urban revitalization of downtown OKC came the resurgence of the coveted Heritage Hills Historic Preservation District. With immaculate tree-lined sidewalks, irreplaceable historic spaces, dazzling architecture, and fascinating history, a Heritage Hills estate can be found from around $300k to $2.0 million or more.

Denniston Park is a hidden gem of a neighborhood that will not stay hidden for long. Surrounding beautiful Denniston Park, you will find an adorable collection of cottages, bungalows, and midcentury treasures at an affordable price, ranging from $100-300k.

Midtown OKC is exploding with growth, energy, and the hottest local restaurants, bars, and shops within this handful of blocks. Most of the residential options are hip, urban leases from large apartment communities or boutique, historic building restorations, along with a growing contingency of for-purchase condo properties.

The Paseo Historic District is home to Oklahoma City’s thriving arts community and anchored by The Paseo Arts District. Comprised mostly of arts and crafts style bungalows, The Paseo is adjacent to the thriving Uptown 23rd District. You can own your piece of urban life for somewhere between $100-300k.

The Sequoyah Neighborhood is filled with lovely houses and creative neighbors, not to mention the tremendous ease of access to many of your favorite local hangouts. Keep your eyes on Sequoyah to see steady growth in the coming years. Prices start around $100k and go up to approximately $175k.

The Plaza District with its adjacent neighborhoods, Gatewood and Classen Ten Penn, is one of the hottest areas for walkable, urban life. Boasting a rapidly growing collection of unique, local retail shops, restaurants, bars, galleries, and performance venues, this arts and entertainment district is one of the premier symbols of the revitalization of OKC’s urban core. There is a wide range of housing options, both for purchase and for rent, at price points to meet most any budget, approx $50k-$1million.

Within a few block radius on the west side of Midtown, The Cottage District, which is now referred to by most as SoSA (South of St Anthonys), is where you will find the most creative and interesting high-end modern architecture in Oklahoma City. Land and homes can be purchased for $250k to several million dollars.

You’ve probably driven past the Suggs Park and Jewel Heights neighborhoods numerous times and not realized what you were missing. This cozy and quiet neighborhood is full of a varied and friendly collection of neighbors, with homes that can be purchased for $75-350k.

The savvy developers of OKC’s next great urban neighborhood, The Wheeler Dostrict, have been hard at work crafting a walkable, bikeable, new urban community. The signature Wheeler Ferris Wheel is already visible as a sign of great things to come. New construction close to downtown, with a variety of prices still to be determined.

If you are looking for diverse and friendly neighbors in a thriving, continually-improving neighborhood close to the Plaza District and so many of your favorite places to shop, dine, and play, Youngs Englewood may be the place for you. You can be close to the action for a price point typically ranging from $50-175k.

Unknown to many, but loved by its small community of neighbors, Wileman’s 3rd is a charming area with smaller scale homes, lots of mature trees, welcoming neighbors, and ready access to all of the urban core hot spots. Homes here are reasonably priced between $100-200k.

Zachary Taylor is one of those secret, magical communities you are tempted to keep to yourself. With winding, tree-lined streets surrounding a beautiful park, you will feel like you stepped into a storybook. Smaller, ranch style homes, along with a few stunning modern homes, are priced from $100-500k+.

Unknown to many, but loved by its small community of neighbors, Wileman’s 3rd is a charming area with smaller scale homes, lots of mature trees, welcoming neighbors, and ready access to all of the urban core hot spots. Homes here are reasonably priced between $100-200k.