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INFO – Green Building & Sustainable Living

Whether you think words like “green” and “environmentally friendly” are just a fad or you are well on this path yourself, I am convinced that a more sustainable life and home are our future. Much of the shortsighted thinking of the past is now being called into question, as we look to build and live as if we are not the final inhabitants of our homes and this earth. Japanese and many other ancient cultures plan their lives, their homes, and their careers for how it will affect and potentially benefit or harm their grandchildren and their grandchildren’s grandchildren. This mode of thinking and acting is slowing beginning to infiltrate our homes and our lives for the our good, for the good of our families and neighbors, and for the good of generations to come.

Below you will find links to partners, tools, and information about Green Building and Sustainable Living. Should you have any questions about a “green” remodel of your home, are considering buying and restoring another home, or are contemplating building a new home and want to explore ways to incorporate green and sustainable practices and materials, call Gary at 405.694.8562.